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Technics Announces the New SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver as Part of the New Premium C600 Series


Technics Announces the New SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver as Part of the New Premium C600 Series

Technics Announces the New SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver as Part of the New Premium C600 Series

Wiesbaden, 4. January 2022 - Technics today announced the launch of the new SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver which is part of a new Series called Premium C600. This new Network CD Receiver joins the highly capable Compact Speaker System called SB-C600 that was already launched in December 2021.

“The SA-C600 is a consequent add-on to the Technics portfolio, filling up the gap between the all-in-one compact speaker systems such as C70MK2 and true separate component systems such as the C700 and the G700 systems”, says European Technics Product Manager Frank Balzuweit. “There is high demand for such products – a compact, highly elegant, yet ultimately performing receiver component which exactly covers the needs of so many modern music lovers and ambitious hifi fans”, he adds. Balzuweit also explains: “While many serious music listeners target a solution clearly positioned above the typical all-in-one table-top systems, compact receivers like the SA-C600 offer the option to connect virtually any speaker system of choice. This enables an overall performance level not possible with all-in-one solutions, yet without the need to place several components within the home environment”.
Needless to say, the new SA-C600 inherits the sophisticated full-digital amplification technology based on the JENO Engine which is the firm fundament for rock solid power and dynamic music reproduction typical of all Technics products. However, the SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver also bears justice to the constantly rising demands for widest connectivity and flexibility.

Therefore the SA-C600 has an impressive list of key features and specifications:

  • Elegant, compact CD top loader design
  • 2 x 60W into 4 ohms for room-filling power and dynamics
  • Technics’ proprietary full-digital amplifier based on the JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-Shaping Optimization)
  • Low Noise Power Supply
  • Left and right channel individual Space Tune with additional “In-shelf” option
  • High-quality Phono MM input
  • Optical SPDIF input with auto power-on function when detecting source signal – especially comfortable with TV signals
  • Subwoofer output
  • Chromecast built-in for multiroom capability and access to streaming services
  • Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Deezer, Amazon Music
  • Internet Radio / DAB / FM
  • AirPlay 2
  • MQA decoding

The SA-C600 will be available in Europe from February 2022. It will come in an elegant body with a hairline-brushed aluminium top plate in silver or black.

The SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver finally joins the elegant high-performance compact speaker system - the SB-C600 – having been introduced in December 2021. This speaker system is, sonically and aesthetically, an ideal match for the high-quality performance of the SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver; together they form the Premium C600 Series, an attractive, audiophile-standard combination that sets new levels of reproduction and design within the modern home interior.

About Technics

Technics is the brand name of hi-fi audio products owned by the Panasonic Corporation with main residence in Osaka, Japan. The Technics brand was founded in 1965. Driven by a constant strive for innovation and excellence within the audio field, countless legendary hi-fi components have been released by the Technics brand, many of them having set new standards in the audio world.

For more information please see: www.technics.com/se/ or follow panasonicsverige on Facebook.