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Delivering the best sound through latest innovation Technics Develops a Reference-class Integrated Amplifier


Delivering the best sound through latest innovation Technics Develops a Reference-class Integrated Amplifier

Delivering the best sound through latest innovation Technics Develops a Reference-class Integrated Amplifier

Intent of development

Technics has been developing innovative technologies for amplifiers since the brand was established in 1965. In 1966, Technics created the 10A/20A tube amplifiers. The SU-50A transistor amplifier introduced in 1969 incorporated a circuit structure that directly connected all stages of the power amp section through the OCL (Output Capacitor Less) system and featured a phono equaliser with a high S/N ratio that employed low-noise transistors, thus realising superb sound quality. In 1977, Technics successfully developed the Class-A+ amp technology and introduced the SE-A1 power amplifier, which achieved as low a distortion as a Class-A amp and as high an output as a Class-B amp. The SU-C7000 control amp released in 1992 was equipped with a newly developed battery drive for significantly reduced power supply noise. Technics created then-new technologies and systems, which were highly acclaimed in the market. More recently, in 2014, Technics introduced - by new, proprietary technologies such as the JENO Engine and LAPC - highly innovative amplifier technologies for the contemporary digital age.

Today, high-resolution audio sources are available in various formats in the Hi-Fi market. What’s more, analogue sound sources are reviewed, as user needs are becoming increasingly diversified. Large-diameter, high-efficiency speakers used to be the mainstream in the speaker market, but now the mainstream speakers are those that offer excellent phase characteristics and a three-dimensional, sharp and realistic sound staging even if the efficiency may not be high. Against this backdrop, high-end audio amps are required to amplify a wide range of audio sources with superior performance sound quality and to optimally drive speakers of various types.

Technics conducts R&D relentlessly in the effort to deliver an enhanced music listening experience to the diverse Hi-Fi market. The company successfully realised a performance and sound quality rarely offered by conventional amps and developed technologies for optimum reference-level sound from vinyl records by utilising specifically optimized digital technology. Technics has also incorporated latest signal processing technologies into their new-generation Reference-class integrated amplifier, which is slated for release in global markets in the autumn of this year.

Product Features

Technics’ first Reference-class integrated amplifier that handles various high-quality audio sources and brings the best performance from any speaker.

The new integrated amplifier not only features Technics’ established digital amp technologies, such as LAPC and the JENO-Engine, but – significantly - also incorporates the newly developed ADCT (Active Distortion Cancelling Technology) to eliminate distortion in the power stage caused by speaker counter electromotive power and power supply voltage drops. Furthermore, the newly developed high-speed, low-noise switching power supply (Advanced Speed Silent Power Supply) contributes to higher sound quality by drastically enhancing the load stability of this amplifier. The power devices employ high-speed, low-resistant GaN (gallium nitride) which – due to their ultra-short switching rates – contribute to a highly dynamic sound image with ultimate time correctness.

For phono input, the new amp employs digital technology to achieve an accurate EQ curve, the precision of which is defining new standards. An included Calibration Record allows for the measurement and compensation of the cartridge’s crosstalk and frequency response using “Crosstalk Canceller” and “Response Optimiser” (both are world firsts*) for ultimate vinyl record performance.

* As of 28 May, 2020.

  1. The new amp inherits high-sound-quality digital amp technologies such as LAPC and the JENO-Engine and incorporates a new technology, the Active Distortion Cancelling Technology, to accurately extract and remove distortion in the power stage caused by speaker counter electromotive power and power supply voltage drops. They improve speaker driving power and acoustic energy without lowering the high S/N ratio, detailed sound presence and a wide sound field that Technics’ digital amps are known for.
  2. The new switching power supply system, Advanced Speed Silent Power Supply, provides a high S/N ratio, while four independent power supply blocks realise excellent stereo separation and deliver dynamic sound due to ultimate load stability.
  3. For phono input, the Intelligent Phono EQ utilises specifically developed digital technology to achieve an accurate equalisation curve and improve the cartridge’s crosstalk and the frequency response resulting from the perfect matching of the cartridge and phono equaliser for enhanced sound quality.
  4. A wealth of input and output terminals - The new amp comes with an abundance of input and output terminals, including Phono XLR Input and two USB-B Input terminals, to handle a broad range of analogue and digital audio sources and peripheral equipment.
  5. The high-rigidity chassis featuring thorough vibration isolation measures developed based on vibration analyses maintain maximum purity of sound.
  6. The new amp is equipped with large double VU needle meters, an iconic hallmark of Technics amps.

* Specifications, appearance, performance and the like are subject to change since the product is still under development.