Grand Opening of Technics Café Kyoto

Grand Opening of Technics Café Kyoto

A new style of music from Technics
A new hub to Rediscover Music through an unprecedented audio experience

On December 6, 2023, Panasonic Corporation opened Technics café KYOTO, a new experiential hub on Shijo-dori in Kyoto where customers can enjoy the Technics sound.

Based on the theme Rediscover Music, Panasonic’s high-end audio brand Technics is engaged in the development and sale of audio products with the aim of providing outstanding, impressive audio experiences to audiophiles.

In recent years, with the resurgence in popularity of vinyl records and the spread of subscription music services, the way people enjoy music is becoming increasingly diverse. In response, Panasonic has created a space where people can encounter music like never before. In the cultural hub that is Kyoto, where there are many foreign tourists and university students, Panasonic is seeking to communicate a new style of music developed in Japan.

Instead of listening booths and other spaces designed especially for audio experiences, Technics café KYOTO aims to provide a unique, high-quality audio experience while customers enjoy a cup of coffee and light snacks. Playing throughout this café space is a playlist handpicked by a diverse range of audio professionals, from music producers and artists to DJs and record shop owners in Kyoto. The interior was designed by architect designer Yusuke Seki, himself a user of Technics turntables, while the music is played through Technics’ luxury Reference Class systems. The café also plans to host live music, DJ sets, and other events, and so visitors can also enjoy sounds from the SL-1200MK7 direct drive turntables, the leading choice for DJs across the world.

The café will also play host to various collaborations from its home in Kyoto, a place of diverse people, cultures, and food, and where people of various nationalities and ages gather. The café’s unique menu was created under the supervision of Ogawa Coffee, a Kyoto-based coffee shop, while the dishes are created using Panasonic’s cooking appliances, such as its microwave steam oven and oven toaster.

By creating a space for interaction with diverse people, music, and cultures, and where visitors can enjoy music in an entirely new way, Panasonic aims to carry forward and create high-end audio experiences and DJ cultures.

Grand Opening of Technics Café Kyoto
Grand Opening of Technics Café Kyoto

Technics café KYOTO details


Name: Technics café KYOTO
Address: Kyoto Shijo Shinmachi Building 1F, 444 Komusubidanacho, Nishikikoji Sagaru, Shinmachi, Nagakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture
Grand opening: December 6 (Wed), 2023
Hours: Sun–Thu 11:00–20:00; Fri–Sat 11:00–22:00
Holidays: New Year period

About Technics

Technics is the brand name of hi-fi audio products owned by the Panasonic Corporation with main residence in Osaka, Japan. The Technics brand was founded in 1965. Driven by a constant strive for innovation and excellence within the audio field, countless legendary hi-fi components have been released by the Technics brand, many of them having set new standards in the audio world.

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