Below are listed several questions that are frequently asked. Browse the list and you may find the answer to your question. If not, please contact our Customer Service team. We are more than happy to help.


Where can i listen to the products?

Please look at the Events section for Shows and exhibitions or Where to buy section where you will be able to hear Technics products.

Where can i purchase the products?

Please check Where to Buy page to find shops nearby.

Can i purchase each components separately?

Yes. We offer each components individually. Please contact your shops nearby for more detail.

Some products are heavy. Can i request for installation?

Please contact shops nearby for detail.

How do i update my firmware?

Please check Firmware Update page for detail procedure.

How can i contact for product service?

Please contact us on the informations provided on Contact Us page

Where can i download Technics Music App for smartphone?

We provide App through App Store and Google Play. Please find out more from Technics Music App page.