Technics Week

Blink High End is holding a special Technics Week in their Cambridge studios.

The featured guest is Bill Voss, US Business Development Manager for Technics. Bill will be demonstrating and discussing Technics’ latest introductions for 2016 including the return of the legendary and iconic SL-1200GAE/G Turntable, new SU-G30 Networking Amp, ST-G30 Music Server, amazing highly acclaimed SB-C700 linear-phase point-sound-source Loudspeakers, world class EAH-T700 Headphones and OTTAVA All-In-One Music System.

* Bill Voss, Technics presentation – Thursday, Sept. 22nd, 6:00-8:00 PM. Champagne and appetizers will be served.

* Technics Week -Sept. 23rd to Oct. 1st.

RSVP / 617.225.0700