Technology Philosophy

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Never Ending Pursuit for Perfection through Innovation.

We promise to challenge the limits of sound reproduction through innovative technologies that we will strive to constantly improve.

Innovation is in Our DNA.

Since the birth of Technics in 1965, we have pursued and achieved many 'world’s firsts', and delivered attractive, innovative audio products to the world. The rejuvenated Technics team will bring to the table an untiring effort for improvement surpassing what has previously been achieved and will strive to deliver sound reproduction as close as is possible to the way the artist intended.

At the Forefront of Digital Audio.

Innovation keeps Technics' technology moving.

Our company invested extensive research resources in Technics, which led to the emergence of unique technologies, such as direct-drive turntables, linear-phase speakers, and switching distorton reduction for amplifiers. These technologies helped to build a new era and drew admiration for the brand. Even since Technics temporarily left the market, the core DNA has been inherited by other products such as DVD and Blu-ray players. Now, we are confident that we have a strong foundation for new technology to support the return of Technics.

Technics' technology for an emotive listening experience.

In our view technology is only a means to deliver optimum musical experiences. The new Technics products will aim to prove just how far the boundaries of sound quality can be pushed by technology. The introduction of our new technologies has enabled us to solve the problem of noise and distortion, an issue which could not be completely eliminated by previous digital amplifiers. It has enabled us to deliver higher-resolution signals to speakers, which are now able to reproduce sound as close as possible to having the actual artist perform in the room with you. This has been further enhanced with the Technics coaxial speaker concept to narrow the focus of the sound. New technologies, such as signal processing to optimize audio-signal-to-speaker characteristics will also constantly be developed to meet the new requirements of high-resolution audio. Technics will not stop innovating audio technology to create the most emotional music experience possible by music lovers, for music lovers.

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Tetsuya Itani