Technics Audio Player
for Windows / Mac

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The Technics Audio Player is a music player application for Windows and Mac with high-resolution audio data processing capabilities. Combining Technics USB-DAC units such as SU-R1, SU-C700, ST-C700, OTTAVA™ SC-C500 and SU-C550*1, will allow to playback high resolution audio files with simple and easy operation.
*1 To use on Windows PC, installation of dedicated USB Driver is required to connect and use Technics products.

Main Features

  • Playlist Function (Create, Edit and Saving)
  • Play /Pause/Stop/Next/Previous
  • Shuffle(Random)
  • Repeat (Playlist, 1-Track)
  • CD Playback / Playlist Playback

Supported File Formats (Extension)

  • PCM(.wav) :44.1k - 384kHz/16 - 32bit
  • FLAC(.flac) :44.1k - 384kHz/16 - 24bit
  • MP3(.mp3) :32k - 320kbps
  • DSF(.dsf) :2.8224/5.6448MHz
  • DSDIFF(.dff) : 2.8224/5.6448MHz
  • AIFF(.aiff,.aif) : 44.1k - 384kHz/16 - 32bit
  • ALAC(.m4a) : 32k - 96kHz/16 - 24bit

Compatible Models

SU-R1 / Network Audio Control Player
ST-C700 / Network Audio Player
SU-C700 / Stereo Integrated Amplifier
OTTAVA™ SC-C500 / CD Stereo System
SU-C550 / CD Stereo Amplifier


Please access from Windows or Mac to download the software.

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MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson.
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