Changing the way we listen

 Until now, the quality of music playback in the home has been limited by technology from the past. When the CD was introduced, it used the best technology available at that time to store music: it sounded good, but it was limited by the storage space available on a disc, and the need to fit an entire album on that disc.

 After the CD, and as people wanted to take their entire music library with them, MP3s offered the ability to download music and pack it onto pocket players to carry everywhere. However, it did this by using compression to reduce file sizes, and that meant throwing away some of the sound using lossy compression. MP3s are convenient, but they do not sound as good as the original.

The latest Technics Hifi systems enable listening not only to MP3 and CD quality but now offering you a much more defined listening experience by allowing you to playback HRA, offering a rich, powerful sound packed with detail and expression. In fact, it is now possible to hear the music exactly as it sounded in the recording studio – and that means exactly as the artist and recording engineer intended it to be heard. No longer does the music have to be packed down to fit on an MP3 file: now you can enjoy all the emotion and tonality of voices and instruments, and all the atmosphere and ambience of the performance.

You only have to listen to hear the difference for yourself.