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Technics 1

Compact 2-Way 2-Speaker System

First Speaker System Building the Foundation of the Technics Brand.


The Technics 1 was a compact, 2-way bookshelf speaker system, and the first product under the Technics brand. For low frequencies, the speaker included an EAS-12PL50 12-cm cone woofer unit. Designed to exhibit excellent low-range characteristics when mounted in the compact cabinet, the woofer unit was capable of reproduction up to midrange with low distortion. Also, use of large magnets for the magnetic circuitry and low-loss, as well as sealed yokes improved damping characteristics in low frequencies while increasing efficiency. For high frequencies, the speaker included a 5HH17 horn tweeter, which proved to be a great hit as an individual unit. The tweeter was capable of flat reproduction up to ultra-high frequencies. The enclosure used a sealed construction. So that air would not leak from the seams of the baffle boards or backboard, the speaker was packed for complete sealing, thereby achieving bass reproduction with effective damping. The rich sound of the Technics 1 was acclaimed by many critics for exceeding the speaker's size.