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Stereo Control Amplifier

Control Amp with Silent Technology.


The SU-C7000 control amp featured a newly developed battery drive by Class AA advanced system. This system utilised battery drive to completely separate the AC power supply from the signal circuits in order to eliminate the noise loop and switching noise transmitted between circuits via the power supply. The battery provided about four hours of operation when fully charged. When the battery level became low, the unit detected it and automatically switched the power supply to the rectified AC mode. At the same time, it began charging the battery. Once the battery was fully charged, the operation mode switched back to battery drive. The R-core transformer with a circular cross section was incorporated to solve the issue of leakage flux. Newly developed, large, high-quality, Master Series electrolytic capacitors were used in this model. The chassis featured the multi-layer THCB (Technics Hybrid Construction Base) structure. This construction offered excellent vibration damping characteristics.