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2-Way 2-Unit Twin Load Horn Speaker System

This Twin Loaded-Horn Speaker System is Part of the Permanent Collection of MoMA.


The SST-1 was a sound space twin loaded horn that emerged from the pursuit of high-quality sound. This unique form was structured from flow lines using a unique acoustic method by applying computer simulation technology. Compared with conventional back-loaded horns, the twin loaded horns of the SST-1 smoothed sound pressure frequency response in the midrange and high frequencies, thereby further improving reproduction capability with high efficiency and low distortion, which are characteristics of horn speakers. This also made possible the clear and energetic reproduction of deep bass. In addition, the speaker used a "brilliant throat" construction in which part of the horn was narrowed in order to prevent deterioration in sound quality. This also functioned as an acoustic filter blocking the emission of undesired midrange and high-frequency sound, which have extensive distortion. These synergistic effects dramatically improved the acoustic characteristics, from the high frequencies to bass.