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Portable CD Player

World's First Portable CD Player Originating from the Direct-Drive System.


The SL-XP7 was a portable CD player with high-quality sound and high functionality condensed into a compact body 126 mm wide, 126 mm deep, and 31.9 mm, with a weight of about 520 g. Used for the pickup was an FF-1 laser pickup employing an integrated-mould glass lens. Extremely high-revolution precision even for use outdoors was attained by using a brushless DD motor for the spindle motor section following the tradition of the direct-drive system. As a result, the SL-XP7 achieved high-quality sound rivalling the SL-P10 in dynamic range, distortion, and channel separation. Functions included 15-track random programming track selection, repeat play, and skip play. This model exhibited Technics' policy of never compromising, even with portable audio.