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CD Player

CD Player Using MASH 1-bit DAC and Centre Mechanism.


With its D/A converter section including MASH 1-bit DAC (multi-stage noise shaping), the SL-PS70 was able to perform distortion-free reproduction of low-level signals, as well as micro-signals embedded in large signals. The unit used a multi-layer vibration-resistant construction and centre mechanism, which thoroughly eliminated vibration and resonance, as well as four large insulators that reduced vibration from the floor. The line-out circuits included Technics' unique Class AA circuitry. Also, the power supply circuitry was structured with the audio circuitry specifically independent from the transformer coils. In addition, for comprehensive operation convenience, functionality included CD editing with normal time edit and just time edit selectable, and time fade enabling automatic fadeout.


1989 SL-PS30

1990 SL-PS300

1991 SL-PS700

1992 SL-PS840

1993 SL-PS860