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CD Player

Technics' First CD Player Integrating High-reliability Mechanisms and Advanced Operability.


Taking advantage of comprehensive technical abilities, these ultimate CD player models aimed for perfection in sound quality and operating convenience. The dedicated circuitry of the SL-P10 was comprised almost entirely of newly developed LSIs and ICs. In particular, error correction of the digital signal circuitry employed a unique Technics super decoding algorithm system, which achieved phenomenal performance with an interpolation probability of 1/90 million hours. Also, for the precision of the mechanisms supporting these electronic circuits, development started from the semiconductor laser pickup itself, the very heart of the unit. The turntable was driven by a specially developed, ultra-miniature direct-drive motor. An overall high level of performance was attained. In addition, with versatile random-access programming of up to 63 steps and a large multi-function FL display, the SL-P10 intensively targeted operation convenience as well.