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Quartz Direct-Drive Payer System

Quartz Synthesiser D.D. Record Player Offering High Basic Performance and Undisputable Reliability.


The SL-1200MK6 was equipped with an original high-sensitivity gimbal suspension system and S-shaped tone arm with excellent tracing performance for superb sound reproduction. The OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) signal wire for the tone arm minimised signal distortion and transmission loss for enhanced sound quality. The three-layer-structure cabinet featured the original T.N.R.C. (Technics Non-Resonance Compound) built with highly rigid die-cast aluminium and special heavy rubber to provide high vibration damping performance and durability. The reputed vertical-type fader pitch control was added with a new control circuit to provide improved pitch accuracy for precise scratch-play. The stylus illuminator used a blue LED to provide high light intensity and long life. Other features that supported the high performance of the SL-1200MK6 included the original high-torque D.D. motor integrated with the turntable platter, special moulded-rubber insulator with high vibration dampening performance, adjustable stop brake and stylus pressure adjustment function for DJ applications. The SL-1200MK6 was packed with functions that were appreciated by DJs around the world.