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Direct-Drive Player System

The Direct-Drive Record Player That Set the Standard for the SL-1200 Series for More Than 35 Years.


The SL-1200 boasted stable performance thanks to the D.D. motor, and attracted a great deal of attention from DJs. The direct-drive motor provided excellent rotational performance with an S/N ratio of 60 dB and wow and flutter of 0.03%. It delivered powerful startup torque that spun the turntable platter to the rated speed in just a half turn. The speed selector was electronic and fine adjustments could be made in a range of 10% for both 33-1/3 and 45 rpm. The large turntable platter measuring 33 cm in diameter and weighing 1.75 kg was adjusted to optimal dynamic balance. The edge of the platter was angled to 45 degrees and engraved with Technics players' iconic strobe marks. The illuminator located next to the platter enabled fine adjustment of spin speed with high accuracy. The tone arm was a precision-made die-cast S-shape pipe. A dust cover was also supplied with the product.


1979 SL-1210MK2

1979 SL-1200MK2

1989 SL-1200MK3

1998 SL-1200MK4

2002 SL-1200MK5