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Quartz Direct-Drive Turntable

A Fully Automatic Record Player Incorporating a Wealth of Original Technologies in Its Record-jacket Size, Measuring 31.5 cm in Width and Depth.


The SL-10 employed a linear tracking tone arm that ensured accurate travel performance without generating unwanted vibration. The gimbal suspension bearing ensured high-sensitivity tracing performance. Technics' original dynamic balance system maintained highly stable play at any angle. The turntable platter drive section featured the original integrated-structure D.D. system that coupled the motor rotor directly to the turntable platter, thus achieving high mechanical accuracy. The quartz control and total-periphery-detection F.G. added to the high-precision rotational performance. The SL-10 used the 310MC MC cartridge to reproduce a wide frequency range. The original T4P-standard plug-in connector system was used for arm coupling. Recognised for its revolutionary technologies, the SL-10 joined the permanent collection at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art).


1980 SL-5

1980 SL-7

1980 SL-15