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Stereo Power Amplifier

MOS Class AA Power Amp with Silent Technology.


The SE-A7000 power amp was equipped with newly developed MOS Class AA circuity. The MOS Class AA circuit incorporated a MOS FET amplification element with extremely high input impedance and excellent high-frequency characteristics. This improved signal control linearity. What's more, bipolar transistors provided a powerful current supply for improved speaker driving performance and stable output. All ten capacitors were newly developed Master Series large-capacity electrolytic capacitors. The left and right channels were completely separated inside the twin-monaural construction, thus minimising noise and crosstalk between channels. The heavy-duty 3-mm-thick top plate, large insulators, and mirror-finish authentic wood side panels combined to significantly reduce magnetic radiation and mechanical vibration. The large high-precision meter allowed direct reading of 0.0001 W to 300 W.