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Stereo Power Amplifier

Power Amp Developed with the Concerted Effort of Engineers to Achieve a Distortion Factor of Only 1/10,000.


The 10000 Series power amp was developed based on R&D results accumulated over many years. Development engineers made no compromises in performance or in the quality of the reproduced sound. The amp achieved a distortion factor of only 1/10,000, which was remarkable in those years. The four-stage differential amplification circuitry was an advanced form factor evolved from the all-stage direct-coupled OCL circuitry. The PNP-type and NPN-type output transistors were also combined to configure a totally complementary circuit. To solve common drawbacks of OCL circuitry and improve signal stability at the output terminals, carefully selected parts were used in the amplification stage. The power supply section featured the world's first large-capacity constant-voltage power supply unit to minimise fluctuations in the power supply voltage and in the voltage during large output, thus achieving stable operation. Technics also developed a new one-stage-display power meter that allowed accurate reading of peak values.