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2-Way Flat Coaxial Speaker System

Coaxial Flat Speaker Achieving the Ideal Point Sound Source.


The SB-RX50 was a coaxial, flat, 2-way speaker system with a 2.8-cm flat diaphragm tweeter incorporated into a 24-cm flat-diaphragm woofer. This achieved ideal point sound source by resolving the issue of frequency response distortion (cavity effect) that is inevitable with cone speakers. The speaker achieved excellent sound localisation, flat frequency response, and identical 360° directional characteristics unique to the coaxial structure. In addition, although compact in size, the speaker attained reproduction in the wide frequency range of 30 Hz to 48 kHz and power handling of 160 W. The woofer section achieved high-efficiency using powerful magnetic circuitry in a double-magnet construction with a flat woofer using a pure cross carbon diaphragm. Also, installation of magnetic shielding was implemented for an anti-magnetic design. Mica epoxy material was used for the flat diaphragm of the tweeter. Samarium cobalt magnets were used. In addition, the speaker attained excellent characteristics with heat-dissipation fins installed to achieve high power handling and high power linearity.


1985 SB-RX30

1988 SB-RX70

1991 SB-RX100