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3-Way 3-Speaker System

Floor-standing 3-way Speaker with Silent Technology Achieving a High S/N Ratio.


The SB-MX200 was a floor-standing speaker system that thoroughly limited undesired vibration and radiation, along with using pure mica for all the units. The pure mica was heat-hardened from high-quality fine natural mica particles into the shape of a diaphragm by using a mould, attained a larger specific elastic modulus and internal loss than titanium, and achieved a wide pistonic motion range. For low frequencies, the speaker included a 27-cm cone woofer using TMD (Technics Monocoque Diaphragm) for the diaphragm shape. Rigidity was vastly dramatically improved by using integrated construction of the cone section and centre cap section. The pistonic motion range was increased to about two times that of conventional cone units. The speaker included a 6-cm dome woofer for midrange frequencies and a 2.5-cm dome tweeter for high frequencies. In order to limit mutual interference of the networks of the units, the networks were distributed into three sections, and acoustically superior materials were used for the parts, thereby improving the characteristics of the speaker.


1991 SB-MX30

1990 SB-MX50

1992 SB-MX100