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Linear-phase 3-Way 3 Speaker System

The Ultimate Linear-phase Speaker Following 5 Years of Development.


The SB-10000 was under development for as long as five years with new designs such as speaker units using new materials with the units arranged in a step formation particular to linear phase, along with special networks based on actual measurements. Deep, dynamic bass was achieved with a 46-cm large-diameter woofer mounted in a base-reflex enclosure with a large volume of 300 L. Horn units were used for the midrange and tweeter. Constructed of metal, the horns were thoroughly treated for resonance, along with using a uniquely designed horn shape, which ensured higher efficiency and wider directional characteristics. The balanced sound resulting from the pursuit of low noise and low distortion, along with the speaker's high-efficiency output sound pressure level of 95 dB/W/m, at that time symbolized the sound of Technics without limitation as to the music genre.