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3-Way 3-Speaker System

Unique Acoustic Suspension Speaker System Aiming for a Thorough Reduction in Distortion.


The SB-1000 was a 3-way 3-speaker bookshelf system developed on the theme of reducing distortion. Compared with previous speaker systems, the SB-1000 reduced distortion to 1/3 to 1/5, attracting attention worldwide. Use of the world's first laminated core for the magnetic circuitry of the woofer succeeded in preventing distortion caused by overcurrent that occurs due to the magnetic field created by the voice coil. The diaphragms of the woofer and midrange units used the world's first sandwich-shaped TC cones in three layers, which reduced distortion due to cone paper, enabling the speaker to maintain flat sound pressure characteristics in the midrange and high frequencies. With an enclosure panel thickness of 36 mm, as well as internal reinforcement, distortion from the enclosure was reduced. The speaker system meticulously applied the concept of thorough low distortion from every angle. The super-heavy weight of 52 kg for a bookshelf speaker surprised the world.