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3-Way 3 Speaker System

Mellow Sound from a Combination of the Flat Honeycomb Diaphragm and Leaf Tweeter.


The SB-10 was the first high-performance, 3-way 3-speaker system to include flat honeycomb diaphragms, which solved phase issues. Flat honeycomb disc diaphragms with aluminium skin materials sandwiching a unique axially symmetrical honeycomb structure ensured flat frequency response, along with limiting divided vibration. The pistonic motion area was increased by taking advantage of the characteristics of flat diaphragms with direct nodal drive. For low frequencies, the speaker included a 32-cm honeycomb disc woofer. Use of direct nodal drive with a 160-mm large-diameter voice coil achieved smoother frequency response, as well as greatly reducing distortion due to vibration. For high frequencies, the speaker included a leaf tweeter driven on its entire surface. The tweeter attained excellent ultra-wide-range reproduction capability of 125 kHz. The enclosure employed a completely sealed construction using high-density particleboard with a thickness of 25 mm.