Rediscover music with Technics

For many years, the way we watch TV and movies has been changing. From using definition standards set many decades ago at the beginning of the colour TV age, we have moved on to High Definition TV broadcasting and Blu-ray discs, and now we are seeing the beginning of the 4K TV revolution, offering the best-ever picture quality available in the home.

Now music is changing, too: for too long we have been listening to music using a technology more than 30 years old. Now, thanks to High Resolution Audio (HRA), we can hear details and the subtle information never before available – and that means music comes to life in a completely new way.

With the relaunch of Technics we are aiming to bring back the quality that music deserves, not only by offering hardware that supports all state of the art high resolution audio formats, but also by giving access to the world´s largest library of high resolution tracks.