How to get and play an HRA library

The simplest way to start building a library is with FLAC copies of your current CDs: you can use a ripping program such as Exact Audio Copy or dBpower amp (for Windows) or Max, MacFLAC and X Lossless Decoder – or XLD – on Mac computers.

If you’re going to store your music on a NAS device – basically a mini-computer with large hard drives, which is connected to your network and accessible by all connected computers and network players – you’re now set to play your music using one of the new Technics systems. The NAS solution also has the advantage that your music collection is always available: you don’t need to have your computer switched on in order to play music.

You can also store your HRA library on a USB memory device and connect it directly to one of the Technics network players, but this can get a bit cumbersome as your library grows – you may find yourself constantly changing devices to find the music you want. A network attached storage system has much greater capacity, and the advantage of being expandable as your library grows.

The Technics Audio Player is a music player application for Windows and Macintosh with high-resolution audio data processing capabilities. Combining Technics USB-DAC units such as SU-R1 and ST-C700 *1, will allow to playback high-resolution audio files with simple and easy operation.

*1 To use on Windows PC, installation of dedicated USB Driver is required to connect and use Technics products.